About the BID

If approved, the BID will embrace innovation and build connections that link every corner of our remarkable town. The BID will create opportunities to reimagine our town centre, promoting a positive message about Keighley to tourists, visitors and local residents alike, underpinned by work to create a safer, cleaner and greener town centre experience for consumers.

Three Theme Plan

01. Promoted and More Vibrant Keighley

02. Safer, Cleaner and Greener Keighley

03. Supported Keighley Business Community

Keighley BID Essential Info

  • £900,000 business led investment (2024–2028)
  • All businesses with a rateable value equal to or greater than £8,000 are included
  • 1.75% levy – for the average small or medium sized premises the daily equivalent cost is 99p / day

How it works


  • All premises with a rateable value greater than or equal to £8k will receive a vote.
  • If a majority vote in favour of the BID (by number and rateable value) the BID is approved for a 5 year period.


  • Businesses within the Keighley BID area form a representative Board to govern the BID.
  • The BID Board will include representation from companies across the Keighley BID area.


  • The BID team is appointed to manage the BID by the BID board.
  • New projects and services agreed by the business-led BID board are commissioned in line with the BID proposal.
  • The impact and success of the BID is reported to businesses.

Download the BID Proposal

The BID Area

To receive regular updates about the project or if you have any questions for the Keighley BID Board email:
[email protected]

01535 872193